Iberian acorn beer 20 pcs.

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Iberian acorn beer

Visual Phase:

Dark brown transparent and good quality foam.
Slightly cloudy, with dark reddish background with garnet reflections.
Consistent foam layer white - brown, some large bubbles across the
Surface, inviting to drink.
Olfactory Phase:

Aroma earthy - rustic clean and pronounced, with a hint of dark chocolate, tobacco and
Notes of toasted wood.
Strong aroma of moist grass and acorns, this last intense and mature aroma.
Fresh aromas on the nose with a subtle touch of yeast.
Gustatory Phase:

First impression:

Smooth and malty flavor, with a long and satisfying toast malt aftertaste.
Its appearance and aromatic profile make it an easy draft beer with an end
Orange touches, the consistency of the foam prevents rapid heating of the
beer; Sweet flavors to walnut and acorn, with a step in round mouth.
The alcohol is well integrated, so it is a beer with a correct acidity and a taste

Sweet relationship of flavors, with a bitter end.
Medium body, intense and robust as well as in smell.
Home salty, sweet to cut; Passes to dark chocolate on the middle palate; support from
Its acidity makes it a fresh and vibrant beer.

Dry finish, very harmonious, with hops notes until the end.
Food pairing:

Legumes: we recommend braised lentils with veal, beans and cooked.
Roasted meat: beef and roast game.
Nuts: they accompany almonds or nuts very well.
Stews: with boiled potatoes and octopus, squid, squid or cuttlefish.
Use in the kitchen: reduction of Acorn Iberian Cerex, for use in meat dishes
Roasts, meat stews or elaborations with squid or sepia.

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Iberian acorn beer 20 pcs.

Iberian acorn beer 20 pcs.

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