Cherry Cerex Beer 20 pcs.

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Cherry Cerex Beer

Visual Phase:


Intense matt red color.
Carbonate: it is not appreciated by the intense matt red color, but if it is brought to light it is appreciated as the bubbles rise towards the center of the cup. Carbon created in a natural way. Tilt the cup to see carbonic rise and speed.
Yeasts: High flocculation (precipitate towards the bottom). If all the beer is poured, the sediment would provide a more reddish color. Unlike the "poso" of the wine, the yeast is not appreciable in the mouth (it is integrated in the beer). Nor is it synonymous with poor quality (refers to unfermented and unpasteurized, ie natural, high fermentation beers).

Olfactory Phase:

The aromas are very influenced not only by the hops, but also by the yeast.
The first aroma to be detected is the lollipop aroma.
Moving the glass in a circle and performing a deeper inhalation, fruit and floral aromas of fresh cherry and white flowers (orange blossoms and white carnations) are discovered.

Gustatory Phase:

Very soft in the mouth, it comes in very well. The carbonic gives a very pleasant sensation of freshness.
The sweetness of the cherry predominates in the face of the characteristic bitterness of beer.

Food pairing:

Desserts: we recommend light cakes, biscuits, even rice with milk.
Good combination with pasta or rice salads.

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Cherry Cerex Beer 20 pcs.

Cherry Cerex Beer 20 pcs.

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