Cerex Pilsen beer 20 pcs.

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Cerex Pilsen Beer

Visual Phase:

Intense yellowish golden matt.
Medium foamy consistency with creamy bubble on the surface, which invites you to drink.
Carbonic is created naturally during the second fermentation in the bottle.

Olfactory Phase:

Aroma to freshly baked bread and sponge cake with a soft apple tint.
A fresh nose is perceived with a subtle touch of yeast.
Citrus finish, more mature.

Gustatory Phase:

Harmonious combination between the presence of carbonic and freshness to the mouth.
A feeling of medium bitterness, which comes from hops; Notes of apple - banana being kept.
Citrus final step with a touch more bitter than the initial, which makes it an easy drink beer.
The alcohol is well integrated, so it is a beer with a correct acidity and a round mouth.
It is a soft beer, ideal for any time.

Cheeses of all kinds, especially semi-cured with paprika crust and cured cheese.
Fish: mostly baked blue fish (sea bream, tuna or salmon go very well);
Also sardines, needles or anchovies, fresh and canned.
Asparagus: both white and brown, fresh in salad or in tortilla.

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Cerex Pilsen beer 20 pcs.

Cerex Pilsen beer 20 pcs.

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