Cerex Beer Chestnut 20 pcs.

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Visual Phase:

Copper-brown with amber reflections.
Medium foamy consistency.
Olfactory Phase:

Persistent fruity aroma that ends in nuts and oak wood.

Gustatory Phase:

First impression sweet (apple, banana), with a harmonious finish to wild chestnut, smoke and paprika.

Food pairing:

Meat of game: in stew, stews, roasted or baked. The Smoky Touch of Beer
Accompanies very well the passage of game meat and encourages to continue eating.
Ave: well roasted or grilled. Accompany perfectly with pickled partridge and chicken to
Seasonal mushrooms: good combination with mushroom stews, stews and grilled mushrooms
(Boletus, níscalo, parasol, etc.)
Use in the kitchen: it is frequently used as a reduction for dishes such as
Iberian pork sirloin with boletus sauce and reduction of Cerex Chestnut. Usually
The reduction is used for dishes made in the oven, usually pork
Iberian or deer tenderloin.

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Cerex Beer Chestnut 20 pcs.

Cerex Beer Chestnut 20 pcs.

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