Anteros Rosé Young Needle (Box of 6 Units)

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Anteros Rosé Young Needle

Wine from the Land of Extremadura. Rose wine of natural fermentation 10%. Tempranillo 100%. Obtained by a short maceration of our tempranillo grapes followed by a bleeding of yolk wort. The fermentation is controlled at 16º to favor the varietal aromas and is made in special deposits that maintain the carbonic necessary for the needle. The fermentation process is maintained by cold to obtain a moderate alcoholic degree and a point of pleasant sweetness on the palate.


Cherry pink color. Intense and fruity nose with memories of acid strawberry and red fruits. In the mouth it is light and friendly due to its sweetness. The needle character and good acidity bring a lot of freshness leaving a pleasant sensation in its path.

Bodegas Ruiz Torres wines of Extremadura

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Anteros Rosé Young Needle (Box of 6 Units)

Anteros Rosé Young Needle (Box of 6 Units)

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